Multi-ZoneGas Leak Monitor


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Price Range
100 to 130
Purpose of Use
Monitor leaks
Product Range
High-end Model
Point of Use
Facilities Maintenance, Recycle
Gases Detected
Can monitor up to 16 areas concentrations of leaked gases.
Running costs are low.
Maximum monitoring distance up to 360 m including the length of exhaust dubing.
Superb self-diagnosis function.
Can detect a large variety of gases.
Indivisual gases can be designated for each area (point).
Wide measuring range.
Suction type.
Measurement Units:ppm
With highly accurate and highly stable infrared sensor mounted, this gas monitor is capable of monitoring 16 points at maximum real-time 24/7. Determine the best points and install sample hoses. Then, the instrument starts to detect refrigerant concentration in the areas where the sample hoses are set. Adding sample hoses are easy. Sample hoses may be added to the current system or used with an air conditioning system or a refrigeration facility. Much higher air flow than others on the market reduces substantially the risk of missing leaks.
Inquiry for this product