Leak Standards for all Gas Laek Detectors

LS-20B (with a special tank)

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Price Range
60 to 70
Purpose of Use
Calibrate detectors
Product Range
High-end Model
Point of Use
Mfg., Production, Facilities Maintenance, Maintenance
Gases Detected
Traceable to Japan's national standards.
Can create leak rates of 1x10-5 ml/sec (1g/y) level with precision.
Can set up leak rates arbitrarily.
Can offer for a high vapor pressure gas such as He, SF6, and CO2.
No power supply required.
Running costs are low.
Measurement Units:g/y,ml/s
This is a gas leak standard traceable to Japan national standards. Desired leak rates can be obtained easily. All sniffer type leak detectors can be calibrated. Leak rates from 1 x10-5 ml/sec to 1 x 10-4 ml/sec are available and it can be used as a dummy leak source. When the gas to be filled has a very high vapor pressure, such as He or SF6, LS-20B comes with a tank to store vapor for safety operation.
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